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Sep 22

Crow Stares At A Small Stick. 8 Moves Later, He’s Got Every Single Behaviorist In Disbelief

When animal researchers came up with a very special experiment to test a wild crow’s intelligence, they had no idea what to expect. But after it was over, everything they knew about bird intelligence changed in an instant. At first they spent months teaching the animal problem-solving skills. When it was time for the final …

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Aug 29

Doing It On The Lawn

Two guys are riding to work on the bus. They both see two dogs goin’ at it on a lawn. One guy, who’s married, looks at the other and says, “Jeez, I’d give anything to do it to my wife like that.” The other, a single guy, says, “Heck, that’s easy. Just feed her three …

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Aug 21

Dad Completely Knocks Out Drunk Young Punk On The Beach For Messing With His Girls

Well…someone had to teach him!!! Such a great “who’s your daddy” moment. All this old guy was doing was protecting his ladies from this young goof! He tried just talking to him but when he wouldn’t listen the real lesson began. Just priceless! Source: 980 total views, 1 views today

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Jul 08

This Kid Leaves A Basket On An Escalator. When I See Why My Mind Is Blown.

Soccer, or football, is easily the most popular sport across the globe. While each country has its own sports, globally soccer is a sensation. These people have some of the most insane skills when it comes to a soccer ball. They are able to kick the ball and get it into goals that seem unimaginable! …

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Jul 02

She Tries To Get Her Baby To Say “Mama,” But He Can’t… So The Dog Does It For Him

This little boy’s parents try to encourage him to say “Mama,” while enticing him with food, but it’s the family dog that speaks, in hopes of receiving the promised treat. Listen for yourself! Source: 716 total views, 2 views today

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Jun 26

Dad Set Up A Camera While His Wife Was Gone And Captures This…

The bond between father and son is truly a special one. Over a million people have been delighted by the video below. Remember Baby Louise and her brother gettin’ down in the kitchen with Dad? Well, here’s a time lapse that reveals what really happens when Mama is away. The video’s featured father and creator, …

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Jun 11

How To Poop While Your At Work. I Can’t Stop Laughing

Many people find going to the bathroom at work to be an awkward and uncomfortable experience. Try as we may to avoid it, the inevitable moment comes when you absolutely must head over to the toilette to relieve yourself. However, there are some tricks you can do to help minimize the embarrassing sounds and smells …

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Jun 05

A Wife Sends Her Husband To Look In The Fridge. What He Finds? Prepare To Smile

This wife wanted to surprise her husband with her pregnancy announcement in a creative way. She sent him looking in the fridge for his vitamin water, but when he can’t find it, he startsemptying out the fridge. He unknowingly pulls out a baby bottle that has a positive pregnancy test inside. However, he doesn’t notice …

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Jun 04

The Entire McDonald’s Crew Gathered To Listen To This Guy’s Order

“Can I get, um, two Big Macs? And two apple pies?” You’ve probably done your share of ordering food at McDonald’s. But after you watch this video by Coby Persin of YouTube channel Model Pranksters, you just might start doing it to a beat. Persin invited his rapper buddy Hi-Rez to participate in his latest …

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May 29

2 Men Laugh At Soldier Memorial, Watch This Guard Set Em Straight

If you are going to attend a military memorial, especially the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, keep your mouth shut. These 2 idiots have no respect. The guard does not put up with it. No matter how many times I watch this these people still infuriate me. This Soldier and the tomb that stands must …

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