Oct 03

Extremely Clever And Well Trained Dog Performs Amazing Tricks

This dog is named Jumpy, and he’s probably one of the most clever dogs ever. I’ve seen dogs do lots of good tricks before, but never anything like this. In this video Jumpy shows off some of his awesome tricks. Watch the incredible connection he has with his trainer Omar and the way he obeys each of his commands. It’s just unbelievable how talented he is.

Source //www.youtube.com/

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Oct 03

Where Do Babies Come From?


A mother is in the kitchen making dinner for her family when her daughter walks in.

“Mother, where do babies come from?”

The mother thinks for a few seconds and says, “Well dear, Mommy and Daddy fall in love and get married. One night they go into their bedroom, they kiss and hug, and have s*x.”

The daughter looks puzzled so the mother continues, “That means the daddy puts his p*nis in the mommy’s v*gina. That’s how you get a baby, honey.”

The child seems to comprehend. “Oh, I see, but the other night when I came into your room you had daddy’s p*nis in your mouth. What do you get when you do that?” “Jewelry, my dear. Jewelry.”

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Oct 03

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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